We are obsessed with empowering kids through their everyday routines.

For the magic of childhood

We believe that childhood is magical and that we can spark kids curiosity, creativity and confidence using their everyday routines. So we curate quality pieces that are fun (for them), modern (for you) and sustainable (for our planet). 

"Play is the work of the child"

~Maria Montessori

"Never do for a child what they can do for themselves."

~Maria Montessori

Our Fashion Approach

Our Award-Winning BLAST™ method for wardrobe selection simplifies fashion into five categories, giving you the tools to build a child friendly wardrobe. This empowers them to self-dress, fostering their independence and confidence.

When I discovered Choulala Box, I instantly fell in love with the modern styling. I love how Choulala Box really got me to look at the gaps in Kai's wardrobe. 

- Joy G.

I am just going to jump the gun and say it: I'm obsessed with Choulala. Super cute kids clothes all picked out for you

- Jenn H.

We are head over the mood with the quality & assortment of items. They send crayons for your child to color the box. Such an amazing company!

- Annalee R.

We are finding the outfit choices so versatile. So many combos to choose from. The packaging, crayons are such a cute idea!

- Priya

We received our box ... and I've gotta say we LOVE it! The clothing is so carefully chosen, the fit is great and the fabrics are so soft!

- Kirsten

I've had quite a few rave compliments from mommy friends and passersby alike - they all love and ask about my son's outfit .. it's unique, light and comfortable fabric and perfect for outdoor play!

- Jenny W.

The pieces are INCREDIBLE, are beautifully matched together using the BLAST method, and quality items that will last us many many wears!

- Nora A.

We LOVE every piece. They are seriously Layla's favorite pieces in her closet.

- Mina A.

So in love with everything .. the quality is wow! A hidden gem!

- Irma

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