Breathe and Chuckle Back at Motherhood


take air into lungs and then expel it, especially as a regular physiological process 
'breathe in through your nose' 

From as far back as I can remember, I've always been a busy body. 

As a child, my mother would laugh about a worm stuck in my 'derriere' that always kept me energetic and on the go.

It wasn't until many years later during my annual corporate performance reviews that 'worm' got translated over into being a 'Type A' personality. As a corporate ladder climber, I wore this label as a badge of honor. Proud to be seen for my drive and ambition, willing to take on more work just so I could stay ahead. 

It wasn't until I became a mom and naturally more 'stuff' piled on my plate of things to do, compounded by the absence of that village, that motherhood laughed at my Type A personality.  

If you aren't familiar with what a Type A personality looks like, in short it is someone who is merit driven and has a strong orientation for achievement. We basically get our self-worth with what we accomplish, how many tasks we can check off our daily list and are constantly striving for perfection. With that in mind, it can be obvious the kind of havoc kids can wreak on a perfectly 'planned' day.  

6:30 am wake up, drink PIPING hot coffee 
7:00 am kids wake up, feed them, get them dressed 
8:00 am pack bags, drop off kids to school 



3:00 am toddler wakes up screaming from a nightmare 
3:30 am toddler falls back asleep (potentially in your bed)
6:30 am little feet walking around awake while you are in bed totally zonked
6:32 am roll out of bed groggy from last nights interrupted sleep
6:37 am make a PIPING hot pot of coffee and drink a cup to get you going
6:45 am drink another cup of PIPING hot coffee, that one cup 10 minutes ago wasn't enough
7:00 am offer kids breakfast, both claim not to be hungry
7:30 am kids screaming from hunger, rush to serve breakfast
7:45 am dash up the stairs and get kids dressed
7:55 am toddler throwing a tantrum about the outfit she chose the night before 
8:05 am toddler slowly putting on socks & shoes, big brother waiting all dressed ... we are ready to head out the door
8:10 am oh wait she's decided she wants a different pair of shoes
8:20 am head out the door, twenty whole precious minutes lost and trying to find a way to make them up on my drive to school drop offs

Ha... I am exhausted just writing all that down ... you get the picture and the point is some days go off without a hitch and others, despite my best intentions, turn into sheer chaos. For Type A personalities, like myself, it can all be very frustrating, because we, Type A's, are relentless in not giving up and finding a way to make it perfect ... every single day. 

But as I've started to mature in motherhood, I've realized that striving for perfectly scheduled and organized is not a realistic expectation to set myself nor my kids up for.

It's helps me to keep in mind that they maybe little in size but they are real people who have their 'chi, gong and flow' in how they go about life. And if I want to empower, inspire and connect with them daily, even on the most minute scale each day, then I've got to take the first step by taking a big, deep and long 'breathe' each time things don't go my way. 

So as I sipped my cup of coffee this morning, I set my intention this week that I will take more steps towards breathing and not sweating the small stuff. In fact, with each breathe I take, I will take time to chuckle back at Motherhood. I got this .. no big deal, the days maybe long but the years are short.   

So who else is on board with me to breathe more this week ... 

In fact, let's collectively keep a tab of all the times we've breathed and chuckled back at motherhood in the early days of our newly built village. Comment on the post on Instagram or Facebook or simply send me an email at

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