In the absence of a village, I have my morning cup of coffee to lean on!

Turning 40 and ringing in the new DECADE was nothing short of emotional! I am not even the sappy type ... ok maybe just a little  ... fine a lot more after having my kids. The point is, it felt epic as I took the time to reflect on exactly where I was 10 years ago and how my life has transpired. 

SPOILER ALERT: my 10 year ago self would have NEVER predicted where I'd be today, writing this post for you.

But first, let's rewind back to where it all started .... 

This picture of my husband and I above, was snapped EXACTLY 10 years back. At that time, we were both helplessly in love and planning a wedding.  I was a corporate ladder climber and he was building his dream business. I, no we BOTH, were in no rush to have a family. We were obsessed with traveling and fine dining and I was set on being the jet set powered C-suite woman.

2012, my son Adam was born. It was pure magic sprinkled with a dash of anxiety and frantic. You know the type, first time mom ... checking to see if their baby is still breathing or rushing home to be sure they napped in their crib at the EXACT same time as they did yesterday and the day before. 

I was exhausted, I was lonely BUT I was adamant on doing it on my own. I didn't even comprehend the meaning of 'it took a village'. For Ms. Independent (and stubborn) me didn't need a village ... or so I thought! 

Boy was I wrong ... 

2015, my daughter Nia was born. I was completing my MBA and still climbing the corporate ladder ... oh and we moved into our 'dream home' ... I was charged until the day I went back to work. Two kids, wrapping up my MBA and going back to work early from my maternity leave for a promotion as I unpacked in the evenings, left me nothing short of TOTAL burn out. 

I wept EVERY single day  ... for six months to be precise.

... in private

... in silence

... my tears were real and I couldn't stop them.

I really tried. 

Each day I picked my kids up from daycare, I was confronted with a scene that would stop me dead in my tracks to reflect on ...  

A grandpa picking up his grandson. Grandpa wasn't young either, he was easily in his early 80's but despite this, he'd shine a light beam of youth with each laugh he'd share with this 2 year old tot refusing to put on his shoes and jacket.  

I instantly got it ... the value of having 'that village'.

Some of us have been blessed with a village, others need to find or weave it together piece by piece. The value of that village is in how it empowers and supports us moms in the daily acts and thoughts of what it takes to raise our children.

In short, we are all better off with a village.

When I launched Choulala Box two years back, my wish was to empower kids with an everyday routine while giving moms one less battle to deal with each day. Landing features in prestigious editorials I've followed and loved long before being a mom like Goop and Motherly in 2019 were huge wins for me. BUT truthfully reflecting on my past, I want SO MUCH more for this decade for you, me and Choulala Box.

And here's how it starts ... 

The one constant companion I could count on all those years as a mom has been my morning cup of coffee ...  so cliched but so true. It has LITERALLY been there for me at the crack of dawn when no text could be read or phone call answered.

In fact, I have come to realize that this morning cup of coffee can be so much more than the caffeine hit I need to get me going. 

It can be that 'village' in the absence of one, where before the day's life clutter starts, I can set my intentions with how I want to show up and be present for my kids as their mother each day.

That's why I am kicking off this decade with a monthly series where I reflect on a single word, verb for the week by which I will intentionally put into practice how I empower, inspire and connect with my kids.  

My hope is that you not only enjoy and get something from this each week but that you will engage in them too. That's why I invite you to follow me on either my Instagram or Facebook page to comment and share your stories with me as I post my morning cup of coffee and 'intention' for the week. But my ULTIMATE wish is that at the end of these next 12 months and as I ring in 2021, we celebrate this new village we've built together through our morning cups of coffee.

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