Black Cat Eco-Conscious Bamboo Dinnerware (4 piece set)

$20.00 $37.00

Pointy ear handles grab your and your kids' attention immediately. 

The bowl handles are designed after the shape of a cat's ears, so that kids are first to recognize this Award-winning and Patented design. The bowls are for many types of food (it's deep enough); cereals, soups, snacks, fruits and many more.The bowl bottom is lined with a red colored silicon ring for anti-slip to minimize spills. Light-weighted but durable material makes the bowls remarkably safe for kids. 

For you, the Adults, we love that this modern, under-toned dark gray color blends nicely with any decor. These bowls are easy to hang in a dishwasher and BPA free so that you can microwave and put them in the dishwasher without any worry. Made from Eco-conscious bamboo.

In this four piece set you have the large sized cat bowl, mini sized cat bowl and the spoon and fork knife set. 

Material: PP

Color: Dark Gray


Large: 140*146*56 mm  Mini: 105*110*50 mm

Mini:110*110*50 mm

Spoon/Fork:170*35*11 mm