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I think there's something to be said about mothers exchanging experiences and ideas in keeping us all grounded in this journey. That's what our BLAST™️ Mom Chronicles series is about. We have a line up of amazing moms and experts in varying fields sharing in their journey and giving us three key takeaways for the topic on hand. Today I am joined with Crystal Karges where I asked her a series of questions related to her motherhood journey, reflecting on her own upbringing and the work that she does. Here's what she had to share in this candid and vulnerable account: 


Tell us the one thing about your childhood that's influenced your motherhood journey? 

For many years, I struggled with poor body image and ultimately, an eating disorder. While this was a difficult battle (and one that I'm thankful to have overcome), my recovery journey has shaped an entirely new perspective around food and body image, which I've been determined to share with my own children. I'm hopeful that they'll too be able to reap the benefits of my own healing.


Finish these two sentences: 

My greatest strength as a mom that I didn't know existed is resiliency. 

My greatest fear as a mom that I didn't know existed is losing time. 


What has been your journey with empowering kids to eat a variety of good for them food, both as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and mama of five with a master's degree in nutritional science. 

As a mother of 5 children, I've dealt with a wide range of feeding challenges with my own kids, including picky and selective eating. As a dietitian that specializes in family feeding, this is also something I regularly encounter with the families I work with. It is possible to help empower a child to develop a positive relationship with food and to support families toward this big picture goal with feeding.


What are three takeaways that you can share with other moms on how to empower their kids to have a positive attitude towards food?

  1. You can trust yourself as the best expert of your own body. 
  2. You can trust your child to be the expert of his/her own body. 
  3. To create a positive mealtime experience, it's important to focus on your job in feeding your family and to trust your child to do his/her part with eating.

Can you remember how it is that your childhood confidence grew? 

I think this was an area I struggled in, primarily because I felt so different from other children my age. One area that helped me grow in confidence was to focus on my abilities and what I was capable of doing rather than how I looked.


From our set of BLAST™️ Flash Cards, select the one that speaks to you as a mother and why you selected that one?

Express Yourself. 

I think when we become mothers, we are challenged to rediscover who we are. In many ways, it can feel like a loss of identity as we transition into motherhood. However, I believe staying connected to the things and experiences that fill our cups can help enrich our journeys as women. When we re-learn how to express ourselves as mothers, we are reconnected with our values.

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19 mai, 2020 — Rola Amer

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