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Our Story

Choulala kids

Choulala weaves together style and sustainability while sparking kids curiosity, creativity and confidence.

Items they will love on repeat.


Our ethical approach

We curate from independent designers, local brands and those employ women. All our brands are vetted to be made with quality fabrics, ethical manufacture and modern design. Some of the countries we carry brands from are Canada, USA, Denmark, Spain and South Korea.


'Never do for a child what he can do for himself.'

Maria Montessori


We're committed

We are a small shop with big impact to our local communities. For each item you purchase from with us, we take proceeds to feed 3 local families. In 2021, we stepped up our game and added our one tree planted program. For each order you ring with us, we will donate proceeds to have one tree planted across Canada and the USA.


My Story

I'm Rola.

Owner & founder of Choulala Kids.

Life as a working mom of two is unforgiving. Making the most of my time is an obsession. That's why I found when I empowered my kids to get things done on their own, I had one less thing to check off my daily to do's.

I developed the BLAST™ method for wardrobe selection to empower my kids as young as 2 years of age to self-dress. I was amazed how quickly their motivation and self-confidence grew. We got a little bit famous with this method, receiving awards and accolades in some major editorials like, Goop and the National Parenting Product Academy.

Since then, I've made it a mission of mine to build a shop that has empowering kids in mind. Everything is curated by me for my own kids' emotional development. If you ask me where to start to empower your kids, I'd say with the everyday routine of self-dressing.