One piece. Three meals.
For each item you purchase, we donate proceeds to feed 3 meals to local families.

It starts with you.

Because with every piece you purchase, you support a family in need of meals through the local food bank we've selected work with - Moisson Montreal. Check out their incredible work to communities by clicking link down below.

Elevating our local communities

Business ownership is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. By far my biggest learning has been the importance of mindset, especially when faced with big challenges that are out of ones control. At the onset of the pandemic, I've found great strength by choosing to do good and committing myself to supporting our local food bank for every piece purchased. ⁠⁠I can proudly say that we have fed 1000 local families by delivering 7000 meals to them in 2020.

We continue our efforts in 2021 so that for every piece you purchase, we donate proceeds to feed local families in need.



P.S. Did you know that we also plant a tree for each order you ring in our shop? To read more about this click link down below.