GoBe Snack Spinner

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Snack. Spin. Repeat.

Theses made for parents, by parents Snack Spinner are simply brilliant. They make snacking on-the-go a breeze with five snacking compartments, all in one container! It’s the only snack dispenser with an interactive button to keep kids engaged as they choose which snack they want to eat! We love it because it can be used as a tool to help introduce new foods in a no-pressure, fun way! Your child will also develop fine and gross motor skills as they press the button, and open the door, to choose their snacks.

The GoBe Snack Spinner is here to simplify your life so you can spend less time cleaning up, and more time with your babe. Snack more. Spill less. Play happy. Fabulous gift and stocking stuffer for this holiday season.


1. Is the Snack Spinner Leak-Resistant?

The Snack Spinner is leak-resistant up to one tablespoon of liquid, which is about how much liquid you'll see with runny fruit juice! 

2. Is the Snack Spinner Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, absolutely! The Snack Spinner is top-rack dishwasher safe. 

3. What materials are the Snack Spinner made from?

All materials are FDA approved and are BPA and PVC free! The Snack Spinner is made from polypropylene (plastic #5) and inside the Button mechanism we use food-safe POM.

4. How big is the Snack Spinner? 

The diameter is 6.5 in and the depth is 1.62 in.