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give them the confidence that they can do anything on their own


create a positive feeling in them that lays the foundation for a 'can do' mindset


develop their curiosity so that they can discover what makes them unique

A vision for empowering our kids using fashion

Life as a working mom of two is unforgiving. Making the most of my time became an obsession. In our morning hustles, I opted for dressing my kids to get them moving. But I discovered that self-dressing is more than a simple task of putting on and off clothes. There are emotional benefits in teaching them the art of self-dressing as early as 2 years of age.

Psychologists and Parenting Experts agree that it lays the foundation for a positive 'can do' mindset. That's why I founded the BLAST™ method to simplify fashion for them (and us) in teaching wardrobe basics to inspire and foster independence and self-motivation, while being mindful of what they already have on hand. I found when I empowered my kids to get things done on their own, I had one less battle to deal with each morning and it brought back the fun into an everyday routine. I love watching my three year old gleam in confidence when she has done it 'all by herself'. I also love my own evolution of letting go of a perfectly curated life!  

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