Have a BLAST™!

At Choulala we give you the tools with the BLAST™ method to simplify wardrobe selection and bring back the fun in this everyday task. Use fashion and the everyday routine of self-dressing to connect, empower and inspire your kids into independence and confidence while having fun!

Not just another kids fashion box!

rola amer, founder

"Life as a working mom of two is unforgiving. Making the most of my time is an obsession. That's why I found when I empowered my kids to get things done on their own like self-dressing, I had one less battle to deal with each morning. I love watching my three year old gleam in confidence when she has coordinated and dressed 'all by herself'. A bonus has also been seeing my own evolution of letting go of a perfectly curated life!"

Good Vibes Only

Spark confidence and good vibes in their everyday routine of self-dressing with our wardrobe collection, curated especially for easy putting and pulling off - no zippers, no buttons, no fuss!  

Build your own BLAST™ Box, save 10% and receive a FREE set of flash cards (retail value of $29) to educate on wardrobe essentials.

Our Obsession to Empowering them

We've also curated sustainably sourced, Montessori inspired educational toys with our goal of helping you to foster a 'can-do' mindset and confidence.