Let's have a BLAST™!

We encourage parents to see fashion and self-dressing as more than a simple task of putting on and off clothes. To use it instead to connect, empower and inspire independence and confidence while having fun! At Choulala we give you the tools with the BLAST™ method to simplify wardrobe selection and bring back the fun in this everyday task.

Our Commitment to having a BLAST™

We want to be more than just another kids fashion shop. That's why we've curated sustainably sourced, Montessori inspired educational toys with our goal of helping you to foster early independence in everyday routines with your kids. This includes toys in teaching them how they can tie their shoe laces, learning how to pull outfits together or expressing their own sense of fashion identity through coloring activity books and so much more. 

Not just another kids fashion box! Have a BLAST™ !

Good Vibes Only

Spark confidence and good vibes in their everyday routine of self-dressing with our wardrobe collection, curated especially for easy putting and pulling off - no zippers, no buttons, no fuss!  

rola amer, founder

"Life as a working mom of two is unforgiving. Making the most of my time is an obsession. That's why I found when I empowered my kids to get things done on their own like self-dressing, I had one less battle to deal with each morning. I love watching my three year old gleam in confidence when she has coordinated and dressed 'all by herself'. A bonus has also been seeing my own evolution of letting go of a perfectly curated life!"