About Us

We are so thankful you found us! We're a mom-founded shop, curating gorgeous, modern and sustainable wardrobe essentials from obscure brands, that you won't find in other shops. We believe that kids don't need a ton of clothes, they need pieces that can be mixed and matched easily. That's why we simplified it for them (and you) with our BLAST™ method for wardrobe selection, that teaches fashion should be sustainable but also fun!

Our approach

"Never do for a child what he can do for himself." ~Maria Montessori

You may have heard this quote before and laughed to yourself while struggling to wrestle a hoodie on your toddler. Great in theory, but not always in practice - especially when getting your kids dressed. We've all been there. Clothes can cause a real power struggle between us and our children even on a good day. But self-dressing is part of growing up - a responsibility that you can help your kids work towards. And we are passionate in being part of that learning and bringing back the fun of it.

Nice is always in style!

We are deeply committed to supporting sustainable fashion. We pride ourselves in curating from independent designers, local brands and those that employ women. All our brands are vetted to be of (1) quality fabrics (2) ethical manufacture (3) modern in design and (4) affordable price points. Some of the countries we carry brands from are Canada, USA and South Korea and our list is growing.

Exceptional quality. Ethical production.

I believe in the power of independence


I'm Rola

The greatest gift my mother gave me as a child, was the gift of early independence. It was only when I became a mother of two, juggling a high powered marketing career that I realized the value of this virtue to pass down to my own kids. 

Life for today's moms is unforgiving. Making the most of our time is an art form. I discovered my second go at motherhood, that the demands of it lessen when I let go of controlling everything and empowered my kids to do things on their own in everyday routines. 

I decided to start with the everyday routine of self-dressing and fashion as a vehicle. I taught (and trusted!) my second at the age of 2 to self-dress with what I developed as the BLAST™ method. I was amazed how it fostered the development of all sorts of necessary skills, from self-regulation to perseverance. Her making suitable clothing choices daily and mastering the ability to put them on by herself became the beginning towards learning how to take care of herself. We also had fun in the process, allowing her to express some of her innate goofiness through some style choices - mismatched socks, playful patterns all have gotten us in a fit of giggles.

If you ask me, there's nothing more adorable than seeing a confident tot prance down the sidewalk in all their clashing glory. Aren't their smiles the best accessory anyway? 

I hope my story has inspired you to think twice the next time you pull together an outfit for your tot without them having a say ... even if it's in one of our five BLAST™ categories.