Have a BLAST™
and build a baby capsule wardrobe - RENTED!

How it works

Babies not only outgrow their clothes quickly but those early years it's tough to figure out their growth rate. Some months they fit their clothes perfectly, the next they've already outgrown them. So why not RENT the pieces you love on a monthly basis?! When your baby has outgrown them, simply return them for a new rental.

The BLAST™ Rental Savings!

By renting pieces, you pay as low as $7-$12 per piece on a monthly basis.

5% OFF – 3 items or more

10% OFF – 4 items or more

15% OFF – 5 items or more

20% OFF – 6 items or more

Flexible Rental Terms

You’ve got total control over what you rent and when. We'll send you a monthly notification from your rental date to coordinate what pieces you'll continue to love and which you want to return to swap.

So what‘s the catch?

There isn’t one. Seriously. You’re always in control. Cancel anytime. Still not convinced? Read on.

Shipping policy

We ship to the USA and Canada. 

Canadian customers can expect to receive their shipment within 3 to 8 business days from receipt of shipping confirmation email. 

US customers can expect to receive their shipment within 5 to 9 business days within receipt of shipping confirmation email. 

General FAQs

Although we curate from a multitude of brands and there are variances from one to another; we've created this sizing chart to help you understand the fit in terms of measurements and weight. Click HERE to view it.

Choulala is a box of curated, fashionable children’s clothing delivered right to your front entrance. Our boxes are assembled using our own proprietary BLAST™ method. BLAST™ stands for the 5 basic wardrobe essentials you need to build the perfect wardrobe for your kids: (1) B is for Bottoms (2) L is for Layering Pieces (3) A is for Accessories (4) S is for socks/shoes and (5) T is for Tops

This method was developed because we believe kids don’t need lots of pieces for their everyday wardrobe needs, they need the right pieces. Pieces that are versatile to mix and match into a multitude of style options and ones that carry them from one season to the next. By delivering our BLAST™  boxes, you can also help your kids feel empowered by dressing themselves as the concept makes it fool proof to mix and match outfit combinations.

Find out more in our BLAST™ Method page HERE.

Choulala is not a traditional stylist service. There are no required questionnaires, no follow up phone calls, no wait or surprises to your delivery. In fact, with our help you become your child’s own stylist. We are also NOT a subscription box. You buy as it suits your budget and needs.

We curate brands for both girls and boys, aged 2 to 8 years old. 

We travel the globe to find brands that are unique, socially responsible and eco-conscious. We pride ourselves on partnering with independent designers as well those that have a social cause. Our pieces are LIMITED EDITION and we carry only a few of the styles each season. We want to support fashion that is not only high quality, but sustainable.

Contact us any time by emailing us at hello@choulalabox.com. 

We typically reply to every email within 24 hours.