Let's build their wardrobe!

Let us do the work when it comes to building a wardrobe that both you and they love. Your style, Your budget. No subscriptions required.

Save up to 25% when you allow us to build their wardrobe for you!

How does it work?

Take our style quiz

Tell us your budget, style preference and we will curate a wardrobe that your kids will love. A $20 non-refundable styling fee applies.

Approve or Swap Items

We will email you a SNEAK PEEK before each box ships - you have total control over the items you want.

Unbox a BLAST™

Try on your items, keep what you love and return the rest. Save up to 25% if you keep everything!

No subscription required. Try our wardrobe building service once or set up automatic refresh deliveries.

#choulalakids are the best

They are not only stylish but they had a BLAST™ doing it on their own!

Shopping that empowers and inspires!

Kids don't need a ton of clothes, they need pieces that easily mix and match each season. That's why we've simplified it a step further with our BLAST™ wardrobe service! Let us worry about the building and you on empowering and inspiring your kids into independence and confidence.


"When I discovered Choulala Box, I instantly fell in love with the modern styling. I love how they really got me to look at the gaps in Kai's wardrobe."



"I am just going to jump the gun and say it: I'm obsessed with Choulala. Super cute kids clothes all picked out for you."


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Quality Brands, Unique Styles

We travel the world to curate unique brands that are ethically manufactured and socially responsible.

It starts with you

COVID-19 has had an incredibly negative impact on our local food banks because of the increase in demand and shortage of volunteers. That's why we have selected our local food bank to donate proceeds of each sale to help feed kids who depended on school meals. Every $50 purchase gives us the opportunity to donate proceeds that feed 3 families.